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72 Hours of Power:

A Revenue Revolution Begins…

Marketing + Sales = Growth

Money ain’t everything but, let’s admit it, cash flow solves a lot of problems.

Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees

It happens every year…

You have brilliant ideas. Great plans. High enthusiasm.

Yet your plans go unimplemented.

Your ideas fall by the wayside.

The only thing that’s a reality is that your bills are piling up every day, every week, every month, every year…

But there is a better way.

Let Me In

Most Entrepreneurs are in beauty mode,not the #BeastMode.

Tired of speakers telling you to do things they haven’t done themselves?

Tired of experts telling you to do things they aren’t doing?

Promising everything just short of walking on water.

Business is not about looking good. It’s about generating real results, real revenue, in real time.

No more outdated strategies from gurus who were only hot in the 80s.

Business has moved on – and you need to move with it.



Complimentary access to the first 100 to book.

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Want to talk with people who have done it and are doing it now?

If you are tired of going to conferences wherethe experts speak at you rather than work with you,this is the event for you.

Let’s assume you want to learn the techniques and best practices for generating massive profits in your business.

You have a few options.

Option 1)

Go read a book(hoping you have picked the right one).

Option 2)

Go to 10 conferences, hire 3 coaches and come home with a box full of things and a bag full of stuff (just like last year).

Option 3)

Get behind the scenes access to actual experts. Learn what they really think and do when the lights are off, the camera is not on and there are no microphones.

Make the right choice now.

Look, you don’t need another speech. You don’t need to be motivated or pumped up. You don’t need high fives and empty marketing spiel you’ve heard time and time again.

You need real results and the right people working with you to get them.

No more conference shopping and coaching hopping in 2015

Our experts have helped over 10,000 entrepreneurs:

The best news of all is you can get 72 hours or 3 days of access without mortgaging your house and selling your kidney.

ut your credit card back in you wallet and take out your pen - it’s time to learn from the best.


Traditional marketing is dead.

Outdated approaches to marketing no longer work.

What you need is a revenue revolution.

Forget the business plan. We threw ours out years ago, along with our Walkman and VCR. Our attendees will be learning how to put together a #ProfiPlan

I’m Ready For My Access Pass

72 Hours of Power 2015

A Revenue Revolution Begins….

February 6 - 7 * Ellicott City, Maryland

(Attend Live or Online)

Presented by….

But before I tell you any more about this event, let me assure you now, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Have you ever been to a 3-day conference with experts working with you around the clock or 72 straight hours? After all, an entrepreneur’s light is never out.

Imagine having access to experts at midnight, 2:00 am, 9:00 am.

Envisage waking up to experts committed to your success.

Our experts will not sleep, will not rest, until they have given you all the skills and techniques for you to succeed.

This is the ultimate sleepover…the 7-figure slumber party.

Remember when you stayed up all night cramming for an exam the next day?

Imagine staying up 3 nights, cramming for your 7-figure, dare I say, 8-figure breakthrough.

So Who are Your Experts? (Revenue Revolutionaries)

























The Pruitt




What Will Your 72 Hours’ Experience Include?

(Aside From Avoiding Yet Another Week of Mediocre Profits)

Answer: Far more than we can possibly write about here.

So, here is just a sneak peek of what’s waiting for you on the other side.

Day 1: 7-Figure Science

The first day of 72 Hours of Power is all about breaking the 7-figure barrier. Your entrepreneurial journey hasn’t truly started if you haven’t yet broken or are still afraid of the 7-Ffgure mark.

On day 1, we will deal with the mindset, techniques and strategies for generating massive profits.

* Neuro Linguistic Sales

The study of language patterns used in the sales process. The goal of this training is to teach you hypnotic sales language to get your clients to say yes every time.

* Speak To Sell

All businesses must have a messaging or communicating strategy. Whether you realize it or not, you are a speaker or spokesperson for your business. Learn how to be authentic, compelling and, most importantly, profitable when speaking on behalf of your business.

* Mindset Make Over

You cannot achieve something you cannot conceive. In this training, you will experience performance hypnosis.

* 7 Systems to Build a 7-Figure Income

Are you tired of investing in systems and tools that cost you more money than you have made with them? Stop duck taping your systems together and get a fully integrated system that gives you everything you need. It’s time to trim the fat.

* Automate Your Business and Multiply Your Profits

Do you feel overworked and underpaid? Do you try to do everything in your business? Make your life easier now with easy-to-use technology solutions to automate your marketing, your sales and your servicing. You really can have big money and free time.

And this is just the start of Day 1…

Reserve My Seat

Day 2: Our Covert Plot For Market Domination

* Go virtual, get profitable

Are you using Google Hangout, YouTube Live, Livestream or Ustream to generate revenue for your business? Learn the one trick we used to sell millions of products and services using these digital platforms.

* Social media for business

Unleash the power of social media for your business. Learn viral strategies to fill your events, databases and pipelines with hot, qualified prospects, ready to buy.

* Take ownership of our highest converting sales and marketing campaigns

You get to steal the ad copy, graphics and everything else to turbo-charge your revenue - why recreate the wheel?

* Sales for shy folks

How to make sales without being pushy or sound “salesy”. Become a sales superstar, even if you hate selling.

* The vision board experience

Dream big, but go even bigger. The formula will be revealed during these hands-on exercises. Find out the secret to visual seeding and achieving your dreams.

* Build a downline and start an empire

Are you in networking marketing or want to build a productive sales team? For the first time ever, our experts show you the systems and strategies to consistently generate millions of dollars.

And much, much more…

Hold My Spot

Day 3: The Mastermind

Great things happen through collaboration. After 2 days, you will already be buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm. The Mastermind is an opportunity for you to share those ideas with people who can help you implement your vision.

Our experts take off their suits, kick off their heels and roll up their sleeves to work with you in small groups, with the sole purpose of helping you implement your vision. They will help you avoid potential potholes and optimize your organizational sequences. This is where you have the chance to ask questions and receive real solutions. No question is too small or too stupid.

One thing we have learned in business is that working together works. But working together with experts is even better!

Find out for yourself.

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